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Top Celebrities Who are All About Breastfeeding

The importance of seeing top celebrities breastfeeding in public or on social media is helping to normalize breastfeeding.

After watching a couple different awards shows lately, it got me to thinking. Which celebrities breastfeed? What is a day in the life of a celebrity who is breastfeeding or pumping? Do they breastfeed in public and get shamed for it? So many questions were running through my mind, I just thought I would blog about some of the more vocal celebrities; proud breastfeeding women. These women are being breastfeeding advocates but not on purpose; they are merely enjoying their breastfeeding relationship and wanting to document this special moment in their lives. But luckily for us, it is helping us normalize breastfeeding as it should be. The following are top celebrities breastfeeding and proud of it:

Alyssa Milano gets a lot of flack for posting pictures of herself breastfeeding and she won’t apologize for it! She was on The Wendy Williams Show and the two got into a heated discussion when Williams said “I don’t need to see that”, speaking about how she doesn’t need to see mothers breastfeeding in public.  Milano quickly began to talk about how society has made our breasts sexual objects and why is it okay to see celebrities wearing practically nothing and its not ok to see a woman breastfeeding her child. We could go on and on on this particular subject and it is a constant debate unfortunately. In this particular photo, Milano is proud that she has breastfed her daughter for 16 months; photo courtesy of The Wendy Williams Show from

celebrities breastfeeding
Milano on The Wendy Williams Show from

Pink was on Instagram and posted this beautiful picture of her breastfeeding her son while her older daughter was sleeping over top of her. This picture shows that special bond that can come from breastfeeding.  I love how Pink looks like any of us would, not all dressed up ready for a photo shoot. This right here is the real deal motherhood photo!

celebrities breastfeeding

Kristen Bell isn’t shy when it comes to talking about breastfeeding and pumping! This picture is courtesy of Kristen Bell’s Twitter where she talks about her new backstage routine at the Country Music Awards in 2014.  She was most recently on the Ellen DeGeneras show with her husband Dax Shepard and they were speaking about not pumping for a whole day for a role in her husbands movie. Needless to say she was very engorged and she did get the results she wanted for the role lol.

celebrities breastfeeding
Kristen Bell at the CMA 2014 per her Twitter feed.

Alanis Morissette, Alicia Silverstone, and Mayim Bialik have been huge supporters as well, and can always be found speaking up for breastfeeding rights. Alanis and Mayim are all about extended breastfeeding and allowing their baby to self wean on their own time when they are ready.  Breastfeeding has so many benefits to both mother and infant but it is not all about nutrition. Infant’s want to breastfeed for many reasons including, hunger, scared, bored, hurt, growth spurts, nap time, bed time, you name it and breastfeeding solves it!

Always know that if you are having difficulties breastfeeding there is help out there from breastfeeding support groups to in home lactation support. Click here to check out a blog post about when to seek lactation support.



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