Breastfeeding Services

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Private in-home breastfeeding class. We will discuss your expectations/concerns, getting off to a good start, latch & positioning, pumping & storage guidelines. Demonstrations and handouts also provided. Groups of 3 or more $30/mother.

First Home Visit

About 2hrs – Listen to birth story, review health history of you/baby, and any concerns. Baby oral assessment, pre/post feed for transfer weight. Observe complete feed, instruction/demo on latching, positioning, and hand expression. Informative handouts provided. Care Plan provided and sent to pediatrician. Follow up phone calls, emails and texts provided for two weeks after your appointment.

Back to Work Visit

In-home visit to discuss questions/concerns. Demonstrate/help with hand expression, pumping, and milk storage guidelines. Troubleshoot any workplace issues. Phone calls, emails, and texts also provided for two weeks after your appointment.

Follow Up Visit

Sometimes another visit is recommended or desired, so this is offered to you at a reduced rate. Address all questions/concerns, observe a feeding and pre/post weights if necessary.

Total Lactation Bundle

Private in-home prenatal breastfeeding class, First Home Visit during first week postpartum, Back to Work Pumping/Storing Visit. Everything all in one bundle.

Pick 3 Bundle

You can choose from any of my visits. Examples: First Home Visit + 2 Follow Up Visits or First Home Visit + Follow Up Visit + Back to Work Visit.

Telephone Consult

You only have a few questions/concerns and do not need a home visit.

Payment Types

I accept Cash/Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, HSA Cards, Apple Pay, and Chip Enabled Cards.

Service Area

All home visits are available within a 40-mile radius of the zip code 44001. An additional fee will be charged per visit for miles going over 40. Please feel free to contact me at 440-973-MILK if you have any questions.